Delivering a Powerful Argument

There are many aspects that must be considered when trying to produce a powerful argument that will stir the senses.  Before you even consider sitting down to write your argument there are three critical questions that first must be asked of yourself.  The most obvious and probably the easiest of the three is your subject.  What are you going to write about?  What moves you so passionately that you would like to emphasize or inform the populace about?  The next issue to address is the desired purpose of your paper, not just what your paper will be about, but a deeper more profound purpose.  What is it about the subject that you choose that you are trying to convince people about, inform them on, or bring to their attention?  You must consider these issues together as you think of your paper, but you must also consider these facts along with the final element, your audience.  This is by far the most important of the three elements as it will be the key factor that ties your paper together.  A subject and purpose of an argument means little without it reaching the right audience, in the right manner, and with the proper information that will reach that audience.  You must plan extensively if you hope to impact your audience in a lasting and meaningful manner.  If you fail to properly prepare yourself or your paper, your audience will know it and your message will not have the impact it could have.

            Above all things, one must be vigilant with the production of their argument to bring to light information that has solid factual basis, a clear message, and that is custom fit for your intended audience.  Failure to give proper attention to this could lead to an argument that is ignored and unvalued by the people that you wish to reach, and will ultimately give way to undesired results and a failed attempt to having your issue expressed and received.  On the other hand however, proper planning, extensive research, and a complete analysis of your target audience will give way to a paper that is not only informative to your audience, but will leave a lasting impression on them and inspire further contemplation of your topic.  After all, making a lasting impression on your reader is what you are ultimately looking to achieve.  You want them to see your issue from your eyes, to have the passion for it as you do, and to possibly even change their opinion or position on the given topic.  Just remember, your arguing a point that you are passionate about, make the audience feel that passion, but don’t give an argument of emotion…give an argument of facts.



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I'm just your regular dude that digs on circuits. I have a bit of a 'knack for these things it seems. I enjoyed a 20+ year career as a residential and commercial carpenter, and is what I consider one of my greatest accomplishments that I am very proud of! In my late 30's I found myself unable to continue my carpentry career, so I decided to chase my other passion in life...code. Now, in my 40's, I have attended college earning multiple certificates, a Web Development & Visual Design degree, and expanding my knowledge of Software/Systems Engineering.

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