Blowin’ in the Wind

over the years Americans as a group have been known as very wasteful and selfish people when it comes to the amount of resources we consume and use, but i have a feeling that in the near future, that outlook on us might change.

over the years we have started to adopt the idea that we might be over doing it a little and might wanna look at some options to help ourselves. we use so many resources and some of those resources will run out eventually. our over use of these resources has ultimately introduced a global warming issue and if we don’t start making changes, we are going to see a change in the way we live due to our actions.

we must now put our hands together and start to adopt the idea of alternative resources and start taking into mind, wind energy and fossil fuels. we need to re-patch our relationships with countries we have had problems with in the past, because everyone has something to offer , resources wise. and we all need to work together and not end up fighting a war over oil which is a dying resource.

i feel is this main problem is addressed we will continue to be a growing nation without the problem of over consumption.



One thought on “Blowin’ in the Wind

  1. I do agree that finding a stable alternitive resource is necessarry in the near future. It can help us protect the enviorment and avoid conflicts world wide as you mentioned above. Though you make it simple sounding in your article, these are very hard problems to cope with especially when it comes to finding a different energy source and getting other countries to open their doors to the United States to which at this point in time is highly unlikely, but would make for the better. And i also agree with your conclusion that with a growing population we will only consume more energy, and without another resource the enviorment will get worse as well as relationships with foreign countries. Oil and fossil fuels are non-renewable resources so something has to be done. The sooner a change takes place the better. We the people of the earth like you said have control of the fate of our world given to us.

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