“Desiree’s Baby” is a story about whether the baby should be judged by its color and is written by Kate Chopin. Once upon a time, there was a couple Monsieur and Valmonde who were a wealthy family lived in Louisiana. One day, they found a baby lying in the shadow of the stone pillar near the gate way of Valmonde. Valmonde and Monsieur adopted that baby girl who grew beautiful, affectionate and sincere. After eighteen years, when she was standing against the stone pillar, a man named Armand Aubigny fell in love with her. Then they married each other with both of their parents’ blessings. When Armand’s wife was pregnant, Armand was a proudest father in the parish, and he took care of his wife very well. After his wife gave birth to his son, he was so prouder that before, and they were happy. After the baby was about three months old, Desiree noticed that her husband’s behavior was strange. When she inquired about that, Armand accused that the baby is not white, and she’s not white either, but she denied his accusation by saying “My hair is brown, my eyes are gray, my hands are whiter than yours”. She wrote a letter to her mother about this accusation and asked to tell the truth. Valmonde replied “come home with your child and I love you both”. Armand insisted her to leave so she left with her baby without take anything from her husband’s property. After some weeks, Armand found some letters from his backyard which he thought were belong to his wife Desiree, but the letters were from his mother to his father. He found that he “was their adopted son who belongs to the race that is cursed with the brand of slavery”. Though Armand hated his wife and son because he accused them being black, but in reality there were never discovered to be what race they belong to. Armand should be ashamed of himself about his behavior against his wife and his baby. He never should judge a book by its cover.


One thought on “Colorized

  1. As the story begins it mentions that Desiree was adopted. When the baby is born and recognized as not fully white, it makes you think that Desiree is in fact not white. After the husband accuses Desiree of being not white, it is more believable. In this story, it is understood that blacks are slaves and not accepted in society/community. So when Desiree is accused of being black she gets very upset, when in fact it is really the husband who is not white. I agree with you that the husband should be ashamed of himself, but he was raised to not accept blacks. He even owned his own slaves. I wonder how he felt after reading the letters his parents wrote and finding out his true race. I also wonder if Desiree ever found out that her husband was not white. Also, because Desiree was adopted, she as well as her husband could both be not white but that is not included in the story. The details about Desiree, including her gray eyes and brown hair do insist that she is fully white. The fact that she says her skin is lighter than her husband kind of forshadowed the fact he is the one affecting the baby’s skin color. Judging his wife was the wrong thing to do, especially if he really loved her.

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