The Materislistic America

Modern America has become the beacon of the materialistic viewpoint. Some call it prosperity some call it degradation, whatever the term, it is clear the American belifs have been misplaced. Similar to the song America Ride by Toby Keith “ plasma getting bigger Jesus getting smaller, spill a cup of coffee make a million dollars” Materialism is perfectly personified by Americans everyday lives.

That is what I being communicated by the story “super-size it”, material objects being put on a pedestal. Instead of the old American tradition of the whole family eating at home, we see bigger waist lines and smaller families. The introduction of McDonalds into society started a gold rush effect on consumers and fast food restaurant owners alike. Get more food, who cares what it does to the body, not even the customer’s care about that. In 2010, the fast food industry spent 4.2 billion dollars on marketing. Facts continue drilling the point home even more that Americans have tailored their worlds toward the acquisition of materials.

Beef still one the most high in cholesterol and fatty acids are still the choice of meal of the average America. It is astonishing how many people in the United States buy hamburgers, even with the much healthier alternatives now available. I guess I can’t really complain about consumers liking beef, I have upwards of 9 thousand dollars investing in a small cattle operation.


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