Consuming Americans

“Modern Americans are by definition, consumers”. According to Lisa Colletti’s Super-Size It. “Americans spend a great deal of resources on the acquisition of goods.” Were so wrapped up on what to buy, what’s bigger and what is better, even when it comes to what we eat. It seems like now a days the West doesn’t make the healthiest choices when it comes to food and what we choose to eat. For example if were hungry we could eat a salad at home or we could choose to  snack on some chips and wash it down with some pop. Most people would choose to rather snack on some chips, Today’s marketing has a lot to do with the decisions we make. The marketers and researchers study us and they know people rather eat what taste good whats fast and seems so convenient. We are controlled by consumption, this is how the government, marketers and companies control us, for example you are sad or down you need anti depressants, your hungry eat a big mac, you want to look better buy make up. The definition of consumption is the utilization of economic goods in the satisfaction of wants or in the process of production resulting chiefly in their destruction, deterioration or transformation, and indeed it is leading us to destruction and deterioration. There is a market for everything, but how much of what we consume benefits us? But can we really complain about it since we demand it? People other than the marketers are the problem we should choose healthier choices and think twice when we purchase anything.

“The western world realizes that western civilization is unable to present any healthy values for the guidance of mankind.”
Sayyid Qutb


2 thoughts on “Consuming Americans

  1. Your point on consumer choice is a great concept. I’ve also noticed how these fast food chains all market the low cost or in McDonalds captioning “dollar menu” in which a burger is $1; as where if you were to order a salad It would not be as affordable. I would think it would be cheaper to grow vegetables and fruits; rather than raising a heard. This is prevalent because it sways the decisions of the consumer to make a bad decision in the healthy perspective.

    Healthier choices really benefit the body and also families because as you grow the choices that are made especially when it comes to consuming food need to be health cautious. As a wrong behavior in food choice leads to an unhealthy lifestyle it directs children in the wrong way of eating as they begin to make their own food choices later in life.

  2. I also enjoyed this short essay about the veracity of the American consumer. I do agree with the spirit of the argument that the author is attempting to convey. Society has come to such a point that it has become lazy and complacent, which in turn has added to the bad choices that this article is discussing. To think that at one point this great nation was a leading industrial power. But in the recent years, with the shipping of most of our jobs and industries overseas, we have gone from an industrious power to a consumer power. If you look around these days not too much is manufactured here in the United States. Most of our companies have chosen to take their corporations to other countries where they can produce their products for much less with fewer restrictions. I have long been interested to see where this shift in the American Economy is going to lead us. So far it has led us into a very depraved economic situation. With unemployment at an all-time high, taxes soaring, and the cost of everyday living becoming higher every year, we are in for a very long difficult road!

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