Big America

Everything needs to be bigger.  That’s what the article “Super-Size It!” is trying to make, and I agree that America is trying to do everything bigger.  If you stop and listen to food ads you’ll here “bigger portions” being listed as one of their selling points.  It’s not just food; just about everything needs to be bigger.  Need a new T.V?  Come get this new bigger flat screen.  Even phones, which are normally small, need bigger screens.  I think human nature is to want the new big thing.  Lisa Colletti next focuses her article on the food industry, and how it affects your health.

Before food was readily available at stores people had to hunt for it.  This meant that if they never got more then they needed, if that.  Today, people don’t have to work for their food, and nothings stopping them from going to get more when their done.  Maybe there should be a mandatory workout routine before you’re allowed to get your fast-food?  Colletti states that “The consumer society came to the United States on a large scale with the development of the assembly line by Henry Ford,” this made it easier for consumers.  Colletti connects this to how dietary supplements are being produced by the dozens.

With unhealthy food more accessible obesity has become a major issue.  Because of obesity rates skyrocketing diet pills have become a huge part of the consumer market.  People want their problems fixed fast; they don’t want to put in long hours of working out or weeks of watching their diets.  This is the selling point of diet pills.  Why put in hard work when you can lose fat quick?  It’s hard not to get caught up in this cycle of weight gain and lose, but it needs to be broken to live a healthy life.  Remember, bigger isn’t always better.             


One thought on “Big America

  1. in america today this is definitively true, everything is bigger and better, but that doesn’t mean that it actually is. i like how you put the fact that nobody has to work anymore for there food desires. i would really prefer that it would go back to the old times where people had to hunt for there food, that is where the true satisfaction is achieved. true satisfaction is not received by simply choosing to super size your big mac meal.

    back in the day people understood the responsibility of working had in general, people required skills in order to track and hunt, something that i feel is a very big part of our nature, this is why you get excited when you hunt big game and come back with a buck, or any animal for that matter. there was no such thing as diet pills back then , and we were better off that way, more people were in shape and in better health. america has turned into the most materialistic group out of all the states and countries. we are so obsessed with how much more convenient something is. we don’t think about how bad it is for us or how lazy it makes us look, we just simply care about how easy it is to accomplish. you are 100 percent right sometimes bigger is not better.

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