Talking Voice and Writing Arguments

When writing an article, paper, or column it is important to understand your writing voice and the audience it is intended for. Two important aspects of ones writing voice is from what point of view they are writing it from and if the topics have been researched with facts to back up claims in the writings. As people begin to learn how to write, they usually move from a more informal way of writing to a more formal dictation which is a natural occurrence. When in the early stages of writing people usually just write the way they think and from their own perspective (first person). As they begin to understand that to really keep as many people engaged as possible, it is important to write objectively from a third persons point of view that shows what all sides are encountering and how it affects each one. This is a more effective way to write as it engages the readers to formulate a better opinion of everyone involved and gives a better understanding about how a particular situation affects everyone.

As readers of many articles, marketing campaigns and even t.v. shows it is important to understand what the writers voice is and what kind of message they are trying to create. An example of this is that I could read articles all day long from people who are 100% republican and are writting from a first person point of view, if I do not know this it could really affect my judgment on what the Democrats true position is on something, It would be more engaging and informative if it was written from a third person point of view and backed up by researched based facts as this would allow me to obtain a better opinion.


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