The Art of Arguments

When writing arguments there are two different styles that are used to relay a point of view, personal perspective and research-based.  When we use personal perspective it is a more informal style that is from the first-hand account of an issue.  It relays the writers personal experience with a topic.  Personal perspective is from the writers own experiences.  It shows the audience what the writers has gone through, and their own personal opinion.  Personal perspective is less objective, and it shows the writers direct emotional connection with an issue.

In contrast, research-based allows for objectivity and emotional distance from a subject.  Research-based writing is from evidence that comes from formal documentation of sources, and requires the listing of sources that were used to obtain the information on a topic.  When we research evidence on a topic we get a broader more complete sense of the topic at hand.  It allows us to explore our own tongue in a “language of wider communication”, and enriching your options as a communicatior.

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One thought on “The Art of Arguments

  1. This post did a good job explaining the two different ways one could use an argument to show their point of veiw on a particular topic. I love how this is simple and to the point and also it gets the message across very clearly. One can see the differences in writing trchniques for an argument. The first being the personal perspective, which was shown to be from the writers personal experiences, it should have the writers emotions and feelings concerning the subject at hand. The research-based technique, is from other accounts that can be found in formal articles and other sources; which is used to gather infomation on the topic, and it is considered more factual based with enough research.

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