Getting perspective

Part of chapter 3 describes how a personal perspective argument essay can be written by using two students’ essays as examples. Personal perspective arguments can be easily done because it calls the writer to use personal, first hand experience similar to the one Shawn Mullin wrote in this section. There are two ways to structure a personal perspective argument essay. One being that evidences are presented at the first part of the essay and the conclusion or claim follows it, and the other is that a claim is presented baldly at the beginning and the evidences trail afterwards to support such claim.
Shawn chose to present his evidences first. In doing so, he makes a connection with the readers with his experiences as working while being student and thus prepares the audience to agree with his claim when he is ready to present it. He lays facts beforehand such as how his bills are due at the end of the week, how much he currently holds in his pocket, how he is going to have to work extra hours, how working extra hours have significantly affected his friends’ grades and how eventually it will his as well; then he throws his claim that working more hours has negative effect on college students which subsequently is accepted by his readers.
On the other hand, Daphne Beckham presents her claim that men cried, they made mistakes and they could feel beforehand which encourages the reader to read further to see and analyze her evidences. She presents her evidences not only by using her personal experience with her dad but also by comparing two famous poetries of time done by Whitman and Prufrock.


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