The “Maus” is talking about the story of World War II in Europe under Hitler, the Jewish survivors Vladek Spiegelman encounter holocaust and tell his experience to his son who wants to write a book. Art wrote a variety of animals to represented the different nation people by the painting of the face. The Germans are cats, the Jews are mice, the Poles are pigs, the Americans are dogs, the French are frogs, the British fish and the Gypsies are moths. The these animals’ face are interchangeable, which highlights the absurd racial assessed. The storyteller is father Vladek Spiegelman,.By telling stories, he also became a witness. In the second part of the story, the author gradually found their inner views of his father and the root causes of unrest, due to his father’s quirks and difficult to communicate, Art feels that his dad is very exclusive. Vladek Spiegelman can not get rid of the memories from the Holocaust. He can do anything in a concentration camp in order to survive, Though he encountered some good people, but he always needs to ingratiate the head prisoners.He always watches his companions die. In his view, these companions are instead of his own die. The shadow has been followed by Spiegelman and his wife, even though they won the survival. Also, Art mention about that there are a lot of corpses in a concentration camp, not only Jews and Poles, but also a lot of Germans. It stressed that the Holocaust is not only the shame of the German and Jewish disaster, but all of humanity’s shame and disaster.



One thought on “The COMPLETE MAUS

  1. I agree with your opinion about the complete “Maus” story. I like the way you presented that the people from various different nations are represented by different animal characters. I think this book is famous because of the animals cartoon describe the history of the World War II in Europe. The Story might be fiction, but it is based on true story as you indicate in your post the story teller Mr.Vladek Spiegelman presented this story very well and also he mentioned that he is a witness of the World War II. In this story the Author faced numerous problems like spend some of his life in prison, he did everything in the concentration camp, saved everything for the future use, met different kind of people in his life time. The Jewish tragedy is really a shame and an uncivilized path of humans that still continue to occur unfortunately in present world as well.

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