Affect on Wars

The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman is the story of Vladek who experience the Holocaust, troubled by what he goes through during World War II and surviving in the war. The author tells not only his father story, but also shares his own experience with his father. Vladek explains the affect the war has on families and how they hide their children so the children can survive. Arie’s asks about his mother. Artie is trying to understand how people managed to survive and he learns a small story about his mother. Artie feels guilty about his mother’s committed suicide because Artie memories of the last time he saw his mother alive was when she came into his room and asked him if he still loved her. His answer was “sure”. He believes his mothers suicide resulted from his own neglect. I empathize with this incident because it shows how children feel if they do not have their parents’ love or parental relationship. Children can succeed in life if they have parents. The war caused families to be destroyed and children were orphaned. For instance, before Artie was, Artie elder brother, Richieu, was poison by his aunt because in order to avoid his being capture by the Nazis.

  Maus is a graphic novel with pictures to help people understand. The characters are represented by animals. The Jewish are mice, Germans are cats and Poles are pigs. The book shows prejudice by using animals rather than people.  Maus is describes the relationship of children to survivors. It explains what happened to people during World War II, how people could survive from and how people could suffer from it.  It depicts emotion, reality, and fear.




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