Blowin’ in the Wind

over the years Americans as a group have been known as very wasteful and selfish people when it comes to the amount of resources we consume and use, but i have a feeling that in the near future, that outlook on us might change.

over the years we have started to adopt the idea that we might be over doing it a little and might wanna look at some options to help ourselves. we use so many resources and some of those resources will run out eventually. our over use of these resources has ultimately introduced a global warming issue and if we don’t start making changes, we are going to see a change in the way we live due to our actions.

we must now put our hands together and start to adopt the idea of alternative resources and start taking into mind, wind energy and fossil fuels. we need to re-patch our relationships with countries we have had problems with in the past, because everyone has something to offer , resources wise. and we all need to work together and not end up fighting a war over oil which is a dying resource.

i feel is this main problem is addressed we will continue to be a growing nation without the problem of over consumption.



Blowing in the wind

The main point of this article is that it shows that less fortunate countries need help cause they are going without food and water to support the people in that country. When it takes about a virtual fortress it reminded me of the walls and fences that surround our great country. Also I believe that it is to show how lucky we are to be in such a great place with resources to support our own. I however don’t understand the turning from religion to resources shift, I don’t believe that religion could have a big impact on that.




“Desiree’s Baby” is a story about whether the baby should be judged by its color and is written by Kate Chopin. Once upon a time, there was a couple Monsieur and Valmonde who were a wealthy family lived in Louisiana. One day, they found a baby lying in the shadow of the stone pillar near the gate way of Valmonde. Valmonde and Monsieur adopted that baby girl who grew beautiful, affectionate and sincere. After eighteen years, when she was standing against the stone pillar, a man named Armand Aubigny fell in love with her. Then they married each other with both of their parents’ blessings. When Armand’s wife was pregnant, Armand was a proudest father in the parish, and he took care of his wife very well. After his wife gave birth to his son, he was so prouder that before, and they were happy. After the baby was about three months old, Desiree noticed that her husband’s behavior was strange. When she inquired about that, Armand accused that the baby is not white, and she’s not white either, but she denied his accusation by saying “My hair is brown, my eyes are gray, my hands are whiter than yours”. She wrote a letter to her mother about this accusation and asked to tell the truth. Valmonde replied “come home with your child and I love you both”. Armand insisted her to leave so she left with her baby without take anything from her husband’s property. After some weeks, Armand found some letters from his backyard which he thought were belong to his wife Desiree, but the letters were from his mother to his father. He found that he “was their adopted son who belongs to the race that is cursed with the brand of slavery”. Though Armand hated his wife and son because he accused them being black, but in reality there were never discovered to be what race they belong to. Armand should be ashamed of himself about his behavior against his wife and his baby. He never should judge a book by its cover.

Writing Academic Arguments

For me writing academic arguments is a great way to dissect and analyze a subject from all points of view. Writing academic arguments requires a lot of research from all perspectives involved, outlining and constructing a plan for your argument, writing a draft and getting feedback from people, then re-read and revise as needed to fine tune. These steps will help so you can present your argument that will keep your audience engaged and provoke responses. In your writing argument you will need to be able to clarify a subject, purpose, and audience. A basic tool needed to do this is by having a subject or an issue that is a debatable topic. The heart of your argument should be your “Claim”, weather it is a claim of fact, value, or policy. The Argument Outline should include an Introduction, an Opposition, A Supporting Argument, and a Conclusion.

By clarifying a subject, purpose, and audience it simply means to pick a subject based on the audience you are trying to deliver to and the purpose of your argument boils down to what kind of effect you want to have on them. To ensure you pick a good subject, you should make sure it is a debatable topic. This can be done by framing the topic as an issue question to see if people would disagree on it. The heart of your argument is its claim; this will also be your thesis of your argument essay. As you form the body of your argument essay, it will contain the evidence that will make the claim an informed opinion. One last piece needed to help make your argument a successful one is to be able to appeal to your audiences Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.

Consuming Americans

“Modern Americans are by definition, consumers”. According to Lisa Colletti’s Super-Size It. “Americans spend a great deal of resources on the acquisition of goods.” Were so wrapped up on what to buy, what’s bigger and what is better, even when it comes to what we eat. It seems like now a days the West doesn’t make the healthiest choices when it comes to food and what we choose to eat. For example if were hungry we could eat a salad at home or we could choose to  snack on some chips and wash it down with some pop. Most people would choose to rather snack on some chips, Today’s marketing has a lot to do with the decisions we make. The marketers and researchers study us and they know people rather eat what taste good whats fast and seems so convenient. We are controlled by consumption, this is how the government, marketers and companies control us, for example you are sad or down you need anti depressants, your hungry eat a big mac, you want to look better buy make up. The definition of consumption is the utilization of economic goods in the satisfaction of wants or in the process of production resulting chiefly in their destruction, deterioration or transformation, and indeed it is leading us to destruction and deterioration. There is a market for everything, but how much of what we consume benefits us? But can we really complain about it since we demand it? People other than the marketers are the problem we should choose healthier choices and think twice when we purchase anything.

“The western world realizes that western civilization is unable to present any healthy values for the guidance of mankind.”
Sayyid Qutb

Dealing With Alcoholic Parents

Alcoholism is a family disease. The alcoholic affect the economic conditions of the family. It is miserable that some children have to live with a parent who drinks. It may perhaps affect and challenge the child’s life. They might be afraid because they think that their parents are going to fight or their parents might abuse or neglect them. Children of alcoholics may feel guilty and might think it is their responsibility that their parents are alcoholics. The child may feel angry since they don’t have parent who are going to help, support or be there for them. They will also feel unloved, and depressed. They learn to avoid upsetting the alcoholic parent or avoid being held responsible for their parents drinking.

Alcoholic parents set a bad example for children, who themselves are at risk for becoming alcoholics. They possibly will run away from home, or hurt themselves. Children of alcoholic parents suffer painful of personal shame and embarrassment because as children they often blame themselves. Their confidence or faith is damaged and that damage carries over and can negatively affect every aspect of their adult life. They often experience anger and a sense of loss about the childhood they never had.

Children should know that they are not responsible for their parent’s alcoholism. People should to be living examples of responsible drinking behavior. If parents abuse alcohol, they cannot expect their children not to follow their example, and begin to drink. Parents need to get help and stop drinking to raise their children to avoid alcohol problems. Children are part of their life and future and they deserve nothing less.

The Materislistic America

Modern America has become the beacon of the materialistic viewpoint. Some call it prosperity some call it degradation, whatever the term, it is clear the American belifs have been misplaced. Similar to the song America Ride by Toby Keith “ plasma getting bigger Jesus getting smaller, spill a cup of coffee make a million dollars” Materialism is perfectly personified by Americans everyday lives.

That is what I being communicated by the story “super-size it”, material objects being put on a pedestal. Instead of the old American tradition of the whole family eating at home, we see bigger waist lines and smaller families. The introduction of McDonalds into society started a gold rush effect on consumers and fast food restaurant owners alike. Get more food, who cares what it does to the body, not even the customer’s care about that. In 2010, the fast food industry spent 4.2 billion dollars on marketing. Facts continue drilling the point home even more that Americans have tailored their worlds toward the acquisition of materials.

Beef still one the most high in cholesterol and fatty acids are still the choice of meal of the average America. It is astonishing how many people in the United States buy hamburgers, even with the much healthier alternatives now available. I guess I can’t really complain about consumers liking beef, I have upwards of 9 thousand dollars investing in a small cattle operation.

Yes, the Future Looks Bright, but the Moment is Hell

In this first-person point of view argumentive essay, Shawn Mullin the author uses the basic task for writing arguments in order to get his point across about his stressful life in college at the time. He first explain the issues that he having clearly in the begining of his writing to let the reader know his point of view on each. Shawn also did a great job in his essay of gathering information and providing the facts and situation about each of the problems that he is facing. He then uses these facts to provide different solutions to each of his problems, making a claim on how each would work out how each would work if he chose that option concerning that specific issue. He uses the information he knows to support his claims explaining in detail on why which one would work. When thinking about writing his parents for extra money to help him out, he comes to the claim that, ” At this point, I wouldn’t object, but i know I’ll never make that call. No, I already have a job; what i need is more hours”.(42) The orginization of each individual argument ties into the story beautifully expalining the main argument or situation he is facing at the time. He does this very effectively and makes it easy for the reader to follow. He at the end uses his arguments to come about with the best possible solution to his problems. He used his own voice and opinion to make his argument relevant and understandable from different points of view.

Big America

Everything needs to be bigger.  That’s what the article “Super-Size It!” is trying to make, and I agree that America is trying to do everything bigger.  If you stop and listen to food ads you’ll here “bigger portions” being listed as one of their selling points.  It’s not just food; just about everything needs to be bigger.  Need a new T.V?  Come get this new bigger flat screen.  Even phones, which are normally small, need bigger screens.  I think human nature is to want the new big thing.  Lisa Colletti next focuses her article on the food industry, and how it affects your health.

Before food was readily available at stores people had to hunt for it.  This meant that if they never got more then they needed, if that.  Today, people don’t have to work for their food, and nothings stopping them from going to get more when their done.  Maybe there should be a mandatory workout routine before you’re allowed to get your fast-food?  Colletti states that “The consumer society came to the United States on a large scale with the development of the assembly line by Henry Ford,” this made it easier for consumers.  Colletti connects this to how dietary supplements are being produced by the dozens.

With unhealthy food more accessible obesity has become a major issue.  Because of obesity rates skyrocketing diet pills have become a huge part of the consumer market.  People want their problems fixed fast; they don’t want to put in long hours of working out or weeks of watching their diets.  This is the selling point of diet pills.  Why put in hard work when you can lose fat quick?  It’s hard not to get caught up in this cycle of weight gain and lose, but it needs to be broken to live a healthy life.  Remember, bigger isn’t always better.             

Talking Voice and Writing Arguments

When writing an article, paper, or column it is important to understand your writing voice and the audience it is intended for. Two important aspects of ones writing voice is from what point of view they are writing it from and if the topics have been researched with facts to back up claims in the writings. As people begin to learn how to write, they usually move from a more informal way of writing to a more formal dictation which is a natural occurrence. When in the early stages of writing people usually just write the way they think and from their own perspective (first person). As they begin to understand that to really keep as many people engaged as possible, it is important to write objectively from a third persons point of view that shows what all sides are encountering and how it affects each one. This is a more effective way to write as it engages the readers to formulate a better opinion of everyone involved and gives a better understanding about how a particular situation affects everyone.

As readers of many articles, marketing campaigns and even t.v. shows it is important to understand what the writers voice is and what kind of message they are trying to create. An example of this is that I could read articles all day long from people who are 100% republican and are writting from a first person point of view, if I do not know this it could really affect my judgment on what the Democrats true position is on something, It would be more engaging and informative if it was written from a third person point of view and backed up by researched based facts as this would allow me to obtain a better opinion.

The Art of Arguments

When writing arguments there are two different styles that are used to relay a point of view, personal perspective and research-based.  When we use personal perspective it is a more informal style that is from the first-hand account of an issue.  It relays the writers personal experience with a topic.  Personal perspective is from the writers own experiences.  It shows the audience what the writers has gone through, and their own personal opinion.  Personal perspective is less objective, and it shows the writers direct emotional connection with an issue.

In contrast, research-based allows for objectivity and emotional distance from a subject.  Research-based writing is from evidence that comes from formal documentation of sources, and requires the listing of sources that were used to obtain the information on a topic.  When we research evidence on a topic we get a broader more complete sense of the topic at hand.  It allows us to explore our own tongue in a “language of wider communication”, and enriching your options as a communicatior.

Breaking the cycle

  • Kaci French

After trying to pick something to write about that someone else had not already covered I stumbled on to “Who Are The Real Victims of Alcoholism?” About half way into the article I teared up. It was very sobering to read that “Sons of alcoholic fathers are 4 or 5 time more likely to become alcoholic than sons of non-alcholics. Daughters of alcoholic parents are also more likely to marry alcoholic men and have children with high risk for addictive behavior” (Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about being a child of an Alcoholic.) 

I linked one of my favorite videos about alcoholism. Even though the song is a boys point of view I see myself in his position. My dad was not a super heavy drinker. He was always more interested into beer and sports rather than raising me. I can recall two times where he had given up on me. One time we were sitting at the kitchen table working on my math homework. It was multiplication homework. I just could not get my times table down. After what seamed like 4 hours on the same problem I recall him yelling at my mom to help me. He made it pretty obvious he had enough. Second time we were in the back yard playing catch. Lets just say I had a very bad case of the butterfingers. Like always he gave up. To this day I never really learned hand eye cord nation. These are only two times my dad has given up that I can remember. I am sure there are more. These moments in my life have forever scared me. Now looking back at my past relationships I can see how that statement is not an opinion but a fact. I am glad I stumbled upon this article because my views have been changed. I now promise to never let my future kids be scared like I have been.