A soul survivor…

A soul survivor

In the comic book of “Maus,” the author tells to his second son, Artie, who is a comic writer about his life story in the first part; his name is Vladek, and his lovable first wife whose name is Anja. Vladek tells his story about his childhood life with his parents especially with his father. For instance, Vladek’s father kept his children away from being drafted into the army. Whenever one of his children reached the age of 21, he used a technique which was three months before the army examination starts, he does not allow that particular son to get enough sleep, food nor water as to get him weaker before he goes to army examination so that he will not be chosen for the army. Since the father was successful in fooling the army with his first son, he followed the same method with Vladek; however, the army commander suggested Vladek to eat and exercise well and to try for army after a year. Vladek’s father wanted to use the same technique, but Valadek did not agree and joined the army.

Then the author talks about how he met Anja, his first wife. Anja’s came from a wealthy family; though she was so weak both mentally and physically, her husband loved her so much. Since they are Jews, they faced many problems with the Nazis army. They lost their first child, Richieu, to the war, and Vladek was taken as prisoner and was separated from his wife. 80% of the story is described in detail about the war with Nazis army and Valadek’s difficulties. After he faced some difficulties, he came back to Anja.

Little mouse Cartoon Stock Photo - 13775172

Valadek’s character is described as a very stingy yet a peculiar person. He collects and saves things of no wonder such as a piece of wire from the roadside and nails separated by size. From the cartoon, it can be deduced that he does not trust his second wife, Mala, with his life saving as much as he does his son. Not only he is miserly with his money, he also complains to his son about Mala as well. The life story of Vladek is  described perfectly through a comic cartoon.


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