A different look into the Holocaust

I haven’t had an easy experience with reading Maus. I do not like comics, their format, the artwork used, or the feeling that I am missing out on something with every new page. It took me four tries before I can honestly admit to understanding the format of Maus. Each time I went to a new pane on the page I just got lost and couldn’t understand what I was supposed to be reading next. When I finally got over my initial confusion and frustration with this piece of literature I could see that there were things to appreciate in it, and to be able to see underlying emotion and the very real connection the author was establishing with the reader.

I have studied and restudied the Holocast and the events leading up to and its eventual tragic and victorious ending. I know the heartache it has wrought on an entireĀ generation of mankind. I have shook hands with its victims. What I have the most knowledge of is the death, sickness, pain and utter evil that was present in those camps. This book helped to open my eyes to a different side of the Holocaust that I had never really learned about. I didn’t know about the mechanics of survival, the way corruption, for once, was right by me because it enabled a new group of warriors and survivors. It allowed me to understand that even in the eyes of insurmountable adversity there could be happiness, there is always a hope of victory.

What I have enjoyed about Maus is the way it allowed me to detach myself,however minimally, from the things I already know. It arousesd less emotion in me then other pieces of literature I have been obligated to read and I have been able to see the timeline of an event, how it evolved and how the way of life in Europe changed and turned upside down, all things I have never really thought about.

This book has been a learning process for me and I’m grateful for it.



2 thoughts on “A different look into the Holocaust

  1. I admire you the way you took that book and attached it to the way you felt about reading comics. I feel the same away about reading books period. I do not like to read I am a schemer. When it comes to reading a whole book I would prefer not to but this book was very interesting to me it caught my attention.I guess I realized how the Jews were treated during the Holocaust.The killing, the starvings, and the beatings were just horrible. We as adults and children living in today’s time should cherish each other and ours lives compared to back then. We have it made. We can eat whatever and whenever we want we have shelter and we do not have to duck, dodge,hid or run for our lives.I think that Maus was written in a format that elementary students could read and have an good understanding of the struggles the Holocaust put the Jews through. That was a well written and illustrated book.

  2. I can relate to you because I also had a hard time reading Maus. I was trying to find Maus on my kindle. No luck but I did find a book that explained Maus chapter by chapter. If you really liked Maus I would suggest checking it out. (Ill comment again with the name. My kindle is dead right now) After reading the free sample that kindle gave me I could get a better grip on Maus. I really like also how Maus has open up my eyes to a different approach to the holocaust. After reading Maus I went to half price and found a number of books about the holocaust written in a lot of different point of views. I guess you could saw I got bit by the Maus bug and will be reading about the holocaust for a few weeks now.

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