Fredrico’s Ghost

This poem, “Fredrico’s Ghost,” is an example of pathos, which is an example of rhetoric. Pathos is best described as creating trust and credibility, just as this poem did. This poem is about a little boy who rejected the idea of being forced to work by position of people and power. This poem appeals to your emotions by explaining that helicopters would spray this poison over all the workers, including Fredrico; and it says, “leaving the skin beneath his shirt wet and blistered.’ The author does a wonderful job of being descriptive in the poem to appeal to the audience’s emotion. The author used words such as, “skinny boy, blistered, and wet,” in order to give the audience a more visual perspective.

This is a story that is emotional to read, because the little boy who was protesting against the authority figures and stood up for what he believed in. I thought the poem did a wonderful job of appealing to pathos. I think the author truly told the story of this boy, and even down to the way the poem was written and structured. She does not write in the way we are used to see poems written. However, the emphasis on certain words or phrases, or the way it was structured made a huge impact on what was important. Such as, when the author said, “over the pickers, who thrashed like dark birds, in a glistening white net.” Also, coming from who knew nothing about the situation, the author in this poem truly appealed to my emotions, by appealing to personal feeling on certain situations I was not aware of. It gave me a whole new outlook on those situations after reading this poem.


One thought on “Fredrico’s Ghost

  1. I definetly agree with the fact that the author does a great job in painting a picture for reader to understand exactly what is going on. It was as if the memory was burned into the author’s mind to where every detail was kept and it was just replaying over again as it did. The fact that pathos creates credibility and trust, is there any actual evidence that all of this happened? Technically we don’t absolutly know for sure since it’s a story however as far as we can tell the story is. It is sad that fredrico died due to poison, do you think that he knew he was going to die or that his life was in danger when he made the choice to stand up for what he believed in? Perhaps you can help me understand what the point was of trying to tell him that he was the son of a whore? The questions are to help me understand more of what you see and get from this poem, I believe that diffrent people and get diffrent ideas of what some of the things are saying.

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