Evidence is the support of a central idea, something used to lure the other person to a principle or thought. Evidence is used in almost every part of life, from politics to business. There are four different types of evidence, including: Personal Experience, Reports from articles, Authority, and dramatic contexts.

    Personal experience is a type of evidence that uses a person’s experience to compel another person to their side of the argument. Stating “I was there, I saw it with my own eyes,” is an example of personal experience being used as an authoritative device. Reports from newspapers are a very easy way to use evidence as supportive material. Using an excerpt from the wall street journal stating that jobs have indeed decreased from the beginning of the Obama administration is a great way to convince someone of the truth. Another good way to persuade using evidence is through authority. Hiring a tax attorney to attest to the legitimacy of a company’s use of deduction is a great way to use authoritative evidence. Dramatic context is one of the easiest ways to influence a reader to a specific side of an argument. Writing a story descriptively about a death row inmate being executed would easily sway a person away from supporting the death penalty to another view. Evidence has been used since the beginning of time to convince people of different ideas, and as long as persons have arguments and disagreements evidence will continue to be prominent throughout society and will never be forgotten.


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