Federico’s Ghost

Federico’s ghost was very interesting for me to read. Right away I started visualizing a child standing in an open field looking up at a plane flying over head. Its like I was there watching and feeling the wetness of the pesticide as the crop duster  sprayed. With that being said, the writer made me feel sorry for the little boy having to inhale all that poison day after day after day. The important message I got out of the reading is that the crop duster didn’t care about the little boy or any other Hispanic working in that field. As quoted in the reading,” After Federico died rumors  at the labor camp ,told of tomatoes picked and smashed at night after the threat of calling Immigration, old women in the camp said it was Federico, laboring after sundown to cool the burns on his arms, flinging tomatoes at the crop duster that hummed like a mosquito lost in his ear, and kept his soul awake.” I believe that author Martin Espada wanted us to feel Federico’s pain and to show us that even though Federico died his spirit continues to hunt the crop duster by terrorizing his field. Maybe he was trying to tell us by writing this poem to be careful what we do to people because it might come back to hunt you.http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-crop-duster-image9884382


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