Examining Thinking

We can use Examining Thinking when analyzing Don Wrights photo of the heavy-set man worrying about a bump on his arm and how his thoughts are used about what it could be.  It seems that he has been exposed to so much negativity about what is going on in the environment that he has made an assumption that this bump on his arm has given him a death wish and has been caused by all of these outside issues.  His assumptions have brought him to the conclusion that this spot is something detrimental to his health.

Wright uses a common logical fallacy: hasty generalization in which the man is jumping to conclusions about the spot on his arm without any evidence to show that it is something bad.  Someone with a more reasonable thought may look at a spot on their arm and think to themselves that looks unusual I need to go get that looked at before jumping to any conclusions.This type of thinking can be a slippery slope in the sense that anything he does (eat’s dirty food, goes out into the sun, or out in the woods) will have a negative impact on his life which could lead to a form of social anxiety.

This graphic illustration should make us think about and use Logos (logic) when analyzing situations that arise in our life.  Using the evidence (information) or facts  when trying to determine what something is or its meaning will help us better understand it thus letting us make better conclusions and ways to handle them.


One thought on “Examining Thinking

  1. I agree with your blog post as the hasty generalization is something that he fragments a lot; he makes a big deal about the spot on his arm as if he already knew what was going on with it before getting it checked out. I like how you included the slippery slope technique as he does go through one assumption to the other proclaiming that his arm is going to be a terminal disease. But yes instead of making a big deal out of it and coming up with all sorts of assumptions he should have just used regular logic and analyzed the spot before coming to conclusions. I like how you used logos, pathos, and ethos to analyze the picture as it captures the idea in my opinion as well of what the author is trying to implement. Don Wrights depicts this man in a way that is very thought provoking.

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