to be of use


in this world we live in , everyday we get up in the morning and there are some of us who go to the work that some people would call undesirable, and some that do the work of upper class like push buttons and send people to get them a coffee from starbucks. on the otherhand there is a very big debate about who works the hardest during there shift at work. there will alway be the argument betwen frinds on who worked harder that day, in general for that matter. most of the time we both havnt done either of eachothers job title before so there is no real way for us to know how hard the othe person worked.

i have always felt that the general population has relatively easy jobs that on some weekdays can get busy and involve some good old fashion work, but for example, i work at a tennis shop and i teach tennis lessons, and it is a very easy job for the most part until i get to the point where i am teaching multiple groups in one day and it is at 108 on the court temperatgure. or when i am doing my weekend job which is racing (gncc) grand national cross country and it is a ver hard sport but on the other hand the whole ime im practicing on the weekens or racing, i am doing something i love so it doesnt effectme in the same way as a peson who did it and hated it.

i am not the best at descibing the argument but i believe that the one thing the person bases his work off of is what he is doing it for, some have families they are supporting so the money is more meningful and serves more of a purpose, or some are supporting thmselves though school, or some really like there job and want to work in that field for the rest of there life an make a career so they bust there ass everyday because there passionate about it.

in the end i believe it is what you have invested in what you do for you to rate it on a scale and think that you work harder than someone else, and it also may be because you put your back into it because it meant something. you are your own judge of character nd work discipline, keep it that way and i feel the argument will slowly desciese.




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