The Disgruntle Cowgirl!

            In the poem Rodeo, Jane Martin puts to use very funny and imaginative literature.  To sit and listen to Big Eight tell the story of the rodeo puts you right in the seat of this disgruntle lady.  She starts off by reminiscing of the old times, when the rodeo was just something old farm hands and family got together in an open pasture to enjoy.  Big Eight says “Used to be for cowboys, the rodeo did”, lets you know how she viewed her favorite sport, it was just normal everyday life to her.  She then carries on describing how her favorite sport has been changed over the years.  You can feel her disgust over the new owners of the rodeo.  She states “Them, Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Marlboro damn cigarettes”.  This statement and the one that follows, “Hire some New York faggot t’ sit on some ol’ stuffed horse in front of a sagebrush photo,” gives you a very clear understanding as to her feelings.

            Big Eight continues on with describing the way the new owners want to change the rodeo.  The whole time she describes the new owner’s ideas of making the clowns wear astronaut suits and dressing up the participants in Disney costumes puts you right into her story.  You can put yourself right into her shoes and feel the anger over how her sport has been made into a mockery.  I rather enjoyed this story!  With the broken English and the old southern accent, it is as if you were sitting talking with Big Eight herself.

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