According to Wallace Stevens “Imagination is one of the forces of nature.” I totally agree with this quote by Stevens, because if we are using our imagination, we are most likely being creative. In order to write or even read literature we must use our imagination. In order To be able to write effectively we must or should be able to step away from the reality of life and step into to a world of endless visions. To be quite honest we often take our imagination for granted, or we all get caught up in the several of real life issues that we deal with on a day to day basis. Honestly I really never thought about putting my imagination in to use until I read Wallace Stevens’ quote. The funny thing is many of us (even myself), don’t realize how much we use are imagination everyday. Have you ever been bored at work or at home, and after a while you find yourself daydreaming about something totally off the wall or flat out funny? Or maybe you’ve had visions about inventing something that no one will ever think of; these examples are all forms of imagination.

I remember as a kid I use to play with action figures, and I would separate them into two teams. I would pretend that they were at war with each other and I would spend hours playing “War” with those action figures. I have to admit, I had a blast playing “War”. Those were the good old days, right? But all the while I was playing with my action figures, or simply daydreaming about various things; I was developing and practicing critical inquiry. Whenever we read someone’s poem, novel or any type literature, we must open our mind, and allow our imagination to follow the author’s words. We all have a wonderful gift of imagination; DON’T WASTE IT!


3 thoughts on “Imagination

  1. Nice, well said! It’s so true without an imagination we couldn’t write or read literature to its full effect. The end it says “Don’t waste it!”, is a good way of putting it because alot of people do tend to waste not only there imagination but its potential as well.As a kid you played with action figures reminds me of my son who is 7. While watching him play you can see the childs imagination working to its full effect. It seems like the older you get the less imagination you have.

  2. Overall I agree with your sentiment. Using toys in a setting of war, imagining the clash of blades and cracks of gunfire are a great way to describe play battle. I would do this as a young kid as well. You are correct, making up stories in your head while coinciding with the toys is a great way to practice critical inquiry. Without imagination we wouldn’t even be able think in terms of “what if’s”. What if this legislation is changed, what will this lead to? Imagining the affect of different decisions is vital to decision making in every aspect of life. Some experts believe the use of the television and video games impede the imaginative ability of young minds by taking away the need to choose by simply going where the game leads. Admittedly, I play videos games occasionally and I must agree.

  3. I agree with how much of our imagination we take for granted. I also feel that it is so sad how we gradually lose our imagination as we grow up and become members of the “real world”. I can remember playing with Legos and green plastic army men for hours upon hours . Every day was a new adventure and a new world to create. Recently within this past month I found a box of my old Legos! I was so excited to see my old friends and got them out to play with for later. i sat down and tried to play like old times, but I forgot how. I couldn’t do it anymore, I couldn’t even fake it for myself. I think its sad how much emphasis we put on trying to grow up but we never slow down and appreciates where we are in life. Imagination is one of the greatest gifts that we have, it is what makes us who we are and lets us dream of what we want to become.

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