From dirt to a vase

According to the Author Marge Piercy, in her first paragraph, she mentions that she loves people who are ready to work whenever they get an opportunity to work without wasting precious time with other small things and give their best hard work. She says that those who do not procrastinate always use their surroundings in order to get inspiration for the work to be done and become native with the elements in the environment.

In the second paragraph, she loves the people who are willing to work with enormous patience like an ox to a heavy cart and a water buffalo in the mud. She admires the laborers who repeatedly try to get what has to be done.

In the third paragraph, the author wants to work with people who immerse in a particular assignment as a team like farmers in a row to pass the harvest bags along with a synchronized beat. She mentions that working together with the other people is so important whether “the food must come in or the fire be put out.” Working together not only would make the work easier on an individual but also it would allow the work to be done faster.

In the forth paragraph, she compares the work of the world to mud which would get the hands who with it dusty and unclean; however, the finished product will be satisfyingly complete and clean. She dissatisfies and disapproves those who do not like to work hard. Also Marge argues that if we create a master piece then it must not remain idle in the museum, but it has to serve its sole purpose like “The pitcher cries for water to carry and a person for work that real.”

In other words, the author suggests that what needs to be done must be done; all it takes are hard work, a team effort and patience to analyze and accept our surroundings and use them as instruments to get the work done.


One thought on “From dirt to a vase

  1. I agree with the writer of this poem because hard work pays off. From working in a cafeteria or a doctors office you all have to hold up your side. With hard work and time you tend to get rewarded. For example at my job as the lowest position I sat trays by the sink in hopes the line would die down so I could wash them. I turned around to see a manger had already washed them. I had realized that going the extra mile like that is how they go promoted and help us stay as a team.

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